Post-Production Part 2/Project Coming to an end

Editing has progressed forward. The tight cut of the film is there, now we’re just fixing continuity and making final tidy ups. I’ve learnt from editing this project that I should be as fussy as possible when picking shots for the film but also making it flow, even if a shot looks nice, if it doesn’t flow it doesn’t go.

We hit an issue when we realised the sound recording level was set too low on the zoom mic, if we boost up the sound there is an obvious hiss. We’ve spent hours trying to fix it in soundtrack pro but nothing seems to work. We did however record audio onto a rode vieomic which plugs into the 3.5mm mic jack on the camera, its currently being tweaked and should work!

I spent a good time putting my after effects skills to use. I did a film noir inspired title sequence complete with a Warner Bros logo but with 2C instead of WB. I also created a realistic muzzle flash effect for a flashback shot in the film.

We’ve had a big issues with booking the sound rooms for mixing the past couple of days. There has been confusion on both parts with what time we should and arrive and what days we actually booked resulting in us losing the room for a day.

We chose to use music in the public domain. The two tracks we used are “Trouble Trouble” and “Long Long Gone”. Choosing tracks in the public domain means there are no copyright issues, opening our chances to more festivals.

Trouble Trouble:

Everything has pretty much fallen into place. We’ve all put so much effort into this film and despite the sound issue the film came out pretty much how we all pictured it.


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