Principal Photography.

I arrived early to the location today, I wanted to give my self plenty of time to get there in case I hit traffic or something. I arrived all in costume with my 1950s hairstyle (attempt) with a bag of props and equipment. Once we all met inside we went downstairs to the bar where we were filming and began setting up. Few of the others had been in the previous night and covered mirrors and fire exit signs. Whilst we set up cameras, sound, lights and smoke the actors sorted their hair, make up and costumes and read through lines.

Throughout the day shooting went quite well, we had basic storyboards to follow but ended up going for some more unique, creative shots for certain takes. The actors didn’t require much direction and seem to fit in the roles pretty well. Most of the time we only used 1 light, if it was a wide shot then we may have used two. The smoke from the smoke machine I borrowed from my Dad added a great atmosphere to some of the shots, incredibly glad we used that.

Eli made a quick run to the local shop to pick up a carton of apple juice which would be doubling as the PI’s whisky.

Although we work as a group I kind of took the role of cinematographer for a big portion of the shoot but everybody had input and we all decided on the camera set up before action was called.

As a few of us came in cars we ended up parking next to “two hours only” signs so every two hours ran outside to swap places to avoid any risk of getting clamped!

Only break all day was at lunch for a quick, must needed McDonalds.

We got some great footage, can’t wait to watch the dailies and crack on with editing! We’ve also got too record some voice overs.


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