Essay Plan So Far…

Just watched Tim Burtons Batman (1989) and Billy Wilders Double Indemnity (1944) for my the essay of this project. Below are notes and plan ideas I noted down whilst watching. Some parts may not make much sense as I just noted it down so it would make sense to myself later:

Film Noir Essay Bullet Points- Batman and Double Indemnity


-Corruption (Eckheart works with joker)

ü  -Low key lighting

ü  -Chirascuro



-soundtrack (dark)

-Tim Burton often uses noir techniques

-Hard boiled dialogue.

-Lots of metaphors

-Femme Fatale

-Set design.

-Old fashioned fonts on credits

ü  -Corrupt, criminal driven city (both films open with this)


-Batman set in the 80s but 1930s style. Not set in certain decade?

-Bruce Wayne-confident, witty and successful (as is Walter Neff)

-Batman is not a modern noir but homage to classic noir

-Gotham noir comic series



-Batman is quite colourful despite noir lighting, DI is black and white.

-Batman has 80’s soundtrack (prince etc.)

ü  -Batman follows comic book style aswell as noir.

ü  -Double Indemnity has a voice over.

ü  -Venetion blind (even menitoned in dialogue) in DI

-Batman doesn’t strongly follow noir narrative structure.

-Batman feels quite cinematic and high budget.

-Vicky Vale isn’t intentional femme fatale, gets herself in more trouble than Bruce Wayne/Batman himself.

-Batman has comedy moments.

-Fake city (Gotham), DI is LA??

-Batman appears almost immortal unlike Walter Neff.

-More similarities with Wayne and Neff than Batman and Neff.

-Wanyne sometimes (purposely) appears clumsy and shy


History of Film Noir

Film noir in modern cinema

Background to Double Indemnity and Batman

Similarities of batman and DI

Differences of Batman



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