Props and Costumes

We’ve been looking into getting props and costumes which suit the characters.  Here are a few pictures:

This one is kind of self-explanatory. The PI would wear this. Probably with a loosened tie or undone bow tie.

I think this would work well if it was unbuttoned. In my mind the PI would look a little too suave if he was too well dressed. He’s supposed to look kind of down and depressed. If he has a done up tie and waist coat he may appear too confident and come off more like a James Bond character.


A Zippo lighter and cigarette case. These two are props to add character to the PI. A typical convention of film noir is that characters smoke. I think it would show a bit more to the PI’s depression if he is fiddling and staring at these objects.

This prop is very important to the plot of the film. The female who tells the pi about the murder of her husband (but says its her friend who did the killing) mentions that the angered husband broke a hand mirror that is very close to heart with her.  Her dropping the mirror infront of the PI is the big give away that she is the guilty one. I picked this up in a vintage store in Norwich for £8. It’s was a described as being from the 50s but I don’t know much about hand mirrors so I’m unsure if this was a bargin or not.

We’re yet to work out the sizes for the female actress so we have no costumes for her yet.

Things are looking up and moving forward!



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