Pitch, story development and title

Our final pitch went very well, we showed our location for the film which is a bar in which group member Eli Warne works, I previously helped him film there for the last unit and I think it would be perfect for our film. The location is not open to the public until the evening so there is little chance of disturbance.

We also showed a couple of examples of short films we had taken as inspiration. One of them was ‘Reign of Death’ starring Noel Clarke. It captures the visual style of film noir very well although I am not keen on the plot, its set in a world of flying cars and robots and at the end Clarke urinated on a robot; kinda weird.

For music we’re still deciding on if we should use public domain music from the era or get an original soundtrack produced in the style of 50’s Jazz.

During our tutorials with Justin, he helped us work out a plot that would fit into five minutes. In the end we changed the plot from the PI going through the film, solving the case and eventually finding clues to the murder pointing as the wife to him using his intuition skills  to work it out from slip ups in her story and her body language.  Also as the woman leaves she drops a hand mirror, mentioned her story which she tries to blag onto her “friend”.

We spent awhile trying to think of a title. Since the whole film is set in a bar we thought the idea of naming the film after the bar it set in would be interesting. We googled bars in New York to see if there was anything that caught our attention but eventually come to conclusion to simply name the film ‘Smith’s Bar’. The reason for this is because the woman in the film uses an alias to the PI to hide her real name and when people give fake names a common alias used is the name Smith.

We’ve still got a lot of work and hoping it all works out!



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