Pre-Production Part 2: Pre-pitch pitch

By the time it came preparing this more simple pitch we had a better idea of where we wanted to go with this. Caitlin had suggested we get Gary Diggines (who had a leading role in the film we produced for the 1st unit. See here: to play our leading PI.

The basic plot at the moment is a woman whose husband has been murdered tells the story to a (soon to be retired) private investigator. He begins to fall for her just as signs start to show of her being the murderer. We have not got too much further than this in actually developing what he finds out to point to her.

During the critique after pitching our film the main concern seemed to be if we would fit our plot into a five minute short. We explained how we intend on telling  the story through short flash backs. There will also be a voice over from the PI and even though a general rule of film making is show don’t tell we have to fit a lot into five minutes and a voice over from the protagonist is a recurring element in film noirs. Overall we received pretty good feedback from our pitch.


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