Genre Unit: Film Noir Pre-Production Blog Post 1

There was a lot of controversy of forming the groups for this unit. It had been decided that we pretty much group together with who we want to work with this. This didn’t work out as it was mistaken as picking for the football team strategy. Group leaders had been assigned and at the end of the day we all had to pick which group leader we wanted to work with. I am working with a couple of others from the narrative unit and a few people I haven’t worked with before.

A couple of days later we had a meeting at playhouse to decide what kind of genre, as this is a genre based unit, we were going to do for our project. It actually didn’t take long before we had decided on film noir. Everyone was a fan of films from this genre; its visual style, the hard boiled dialogue or were at least interested in this genre and wanted to know more about it. We discussed possible story outlines, possible locations and the best ways to achieve that unite noir style.


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