Final touches/Project coming to an end.

In the sound lab I managed to level out all the sounds successfully, making sure no sounds fell below 2dB or went higher than 6dB. I then synced in sounds that were suggested from the group critique. I played it through a few more times and then watched again with some headphones and as I was happy with the mix, I rendered it.

With the non-narrative film I had been working intently the last few days to build a beat. Some areas almost feel as if there is some kind of percussion beat to it but I found it quite difficult to edit. The video still has a charm to it, and celebrates the variety of sounds created by a VCR and captures that noisy feel which appears on Hi8 footage. If I were to go back and do this film again I would have shot little clips of the films seen on the table in film. This would have probably been excellent to almost work as a vocals on the mix.

Overall I’m quite happy with how this unit has gone. I tried to be creative as possible when approaching both the narrative and non-narrative, even though I feel I may have been a little ambitious with the narrative, I am still happy with how it came out and had fun experimenting with an older format of camera.

For the media roles and responsibilities report I got a very interesting interview with a company I had previously worked for; FXHome who said I could return to work for them again this summer and perhaps be a beta tester on their future software!


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