Editing and Critique

I began editing my non-narrative piece today. Capturing the footage took a bit of playing around with the analogue-digital device but I got there in the end. I started off just playing with different snippets together seeing if I could create some sort of beat. I kept refereeing back to flight of the concords numbers which had done a similar thing, seeing how they separated different sounds and how it was layered up.  At the moment it is not really looking like much but hopefully it will get there!

I’m currently still tweaking and making adjustments to my narrative piece. I find taking a break for a day or two and coming back with a fresh mind will help me notice things that need adjustment.

Today we had a group critique and it was very interesting to see everybody else’s work and get feedback on my own. Unfortunately I was not able to render my non-narrative to present (as I only had it as a final cut project) but I showed my narrative piece and got some good feedback. Some things needed to be higher or lower in the mix (bongo drum beat) and it was also pointed out to me how some parts were out of sync or needed a sound where I had missed.

One of the main issues (which seemed to be the same with other people) was that low frequency sounds were not picking up on the television speakers we were watching things on. In my case, I realised that it was not because certain sounds were too quiet but others (crashes, dinosaur roars) were too loud, meaning the television had to be turned down and lost the more subtle sounds. I plan to fix this in using one of the sound labs and playing it through a set of speakers.


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