Project so far…

I have now recorded all my sounds for the narrative project and I am in final stages of this part of the  project, I’m currently adding in space designer effects. I ended up having to record a lot more than I originally planned as most of the sounds had to be created through layers.

Dinosaur sounds I simply recorded a dinosaur roar vocally and altered the speed and pitch in SoundTrack Pro. For the dinosaurs biting into each other’s flesh I had to layer up a few sounds. These included the sound of eating an apple, eating cake and peeling orange skin. Gun loading sounds were done by loading a bb gun. Everything else was a bit more simple like splashing water, walking on grass and mud etc. The human vocal sounds were obviously easiest to recreate (gasping, breathing etc.) I had some beats I had recorded with a friend who plays the drums and used this as the music, giving a mysterious island/temple of doom feel. I also through in some reverse symbols to build tension.

The hardest sound to recreate was the dinosaur corpse falling down dead. To do this I dropped a concrete garden ornament onto a patio floor and altered the pitch and space design slightly in SoundTrack pro.

For the non-narrative project I have filmed everything onto the Hi8 camcorder but I still have to capture it and begin editing it into a 2 minute beat video. Filming went well, I just shot and made as much noise as I could with a VHS player. There should be enough footage and variety to work with in post, I’ll probably be wishing I had more further down the line. I also recorded the sounds onto a zoom mic as I may end up using those over the video as it has a lot more clarity over the in-built mic on the camera.

The main problem that occurred was that the camera was dated and the battery had worn and kept dying. In the end I just ran it through the mains to shoot the whole thing. The other issue was with older camcorders they have no lcd screen. They just have a small, black and white view finder; wasn’t really ideal to see the image I was shooting so using the av-out cable, I plugged it into a 16inch television and ran it through that to use that as a monitor.

Also, earlier this week I visited two guys at FXHome and recorded a 45 minute interview for the media jobs and roles essay which I am yet to write up into a report.


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