Project Ideas and Group Critique

Narrative Project

I have chosen to work on the silent 1925 The Lost World (not to be confused with the Jurassic Park movie) I have watched this film a couple of times prior to this project so I had it in mind as soon as I read the brief. I thought through designing sound for it I could give it almost modern/blockbuster feel. Hollywood blockbusters are made with cinema surround sounds in mind so I would like to use a lot of bass and layered sounds.

I watched through the film to decide which scene I would work on. I found a scene that appealed me (around 34 minutes in) as it had a variety of sounds I could recreate, the only thing that scared me about choosing this film and that particular scene was recreating the dinosaur roaring sounds.

When I pitched this in the group critique it was suggested that because of the dated stop motion effects of the film I could possibly take a comedy route to the sound design, however creating the more realistic effects is what I had in mind from the get go.

I went through the two minute clip with a pen and paper and noted down all the sounds I need to design for the film. These are:

  • Wind
  • Ambience
  • Footsteps on mud ground
  • Clothes rustles (hugging)
  • Weapon handling
  • Dinosaur footsteps
  • Dinosaur roaring
  • Flesh impact
  • Bones breaking
  • Whooshing
  • Teeth/biting
  • Gasps
  • Heavy breathing
  • Weapon load
  • Rocks tumbling
  • Tail movement
  • Dinosaur fall
  • Water splash
  • Bush rustle
  • Plant eat
  • Scurrying on mud

At this point in time I have not actually recorded any official sounds, just a few tests. A test I did for the dinosaur sound effect was simply saying the word “go” into the microphone and slowing it down by 76% it sounds like a dinosaur roar.

Will start recording proper Foley in the next couple of days and hopefully end up with a decent piece of sound design!



I was stuck on this one for a good amount of time before an idea struck to me.  I put in an old vhs of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and hit rewind, it made such an odd, classic rewind sound. I forgot the ridiculously loud volume vcr’s. It came to mind that I could make a sort of remix out of the variety of different sounds a vcr makes. I will create a beat and mix up the sounds that is similarly done in the ‘we buy any car’ advert:

A similar thing is done with office supplies at around 2:25 in this Flight of the Concords track:

and this opening scene from a Scrubs episode:

I’ve decided to shoot the film on a Hi8 camcorder as a nod back to nostalgia and compliment that vhs look. During the group critique I proposed the question if I should shoot on an older format or simply alter dslr footage in post. I was told to shoot on Hi8 to get the true vintage, de-saturated feel as altering DSLR footage often looks tacky.

I was going to use the sound just picked up on the in-built mic but during a group critique Dan suggested that quality would not be brilliant and I should record sounds on the zoom mic also. I’ll record both and see what works best in post.

I’m also considering recreating straight-to-vhs style movie clips such as old 70’s kung fu flicks and violet exploitation movies. However, this may distract from the original concept of the video.


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