Phil sent out an email of a video he suggested we watched on It was about Gary Hecker, an award winning foley artist. The video was very interesting in how sounds are recreated and the creative ways foley artists go about it. I was surprised to see him recreating a horse sound himself instead of recording a horse. I guess this way he can make the right sound at the right time and it sounds more like a horse whilst running (which might be hard to record for real).

We  have now had two sessions of foley work in the sound lab. Concentrating on the a scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day. We watched through the scene and worked out the sounds we needed to recreate. Sounds such as keys rattling, footsteps, door creaks, baton impacts, floor scrapes etc. We had to come up with ways to recreate these sounds realistically but also effectively, and since we only had a selection of props available in the sound lab we had to be creative to make the desired sounds.

The key rattle and footsteps sound were simple enough to recreate, some took more thought. For door creaks we had use the hinge on a foot rest from a wheel chair (there were no creaky doors nearby). Baton impacts were recreated by several  layers; hitting a piece of clay covered in duck tape, breaking celery and the swishing of a thin stick. For the body being dragged we rubbed a piece of foam along a plank of wood and Elliott also performed an Oscar-worthy grunt.

Phil also went through how to work the Logic sound software. A lot of it was simple enough but a few things were a need to know basis such as how to set the microphone input and putting the footage on the external screen.

These made me a lot more comfortable and excited for the sound design projects and I look forward to powering on with them.


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