Soundtrack Pro

Before the soundtrack pro tutorials I had never used the software before. I had used Sony Acid and Audacity which have similarities to SP which helped in learning this software. I have learnt how to add effects to sounds making them fit the visuals more. Using the EQ effect and playing with the Lo Cut and High Cut filters I can make a sound (e.g. dog barking) sound closer or louder, depending how I adjust the settings.

Using the space designer effects I found very useful. Adding presets to the sound to put it in desired environment (and wish I knew this technique for some of my previous work).

Today, we played with some pitch effects which I wanted to keep in mind for when I am using this software on the current projects.

We have recreated sound for a few film clips now. Most recently we were given a clip of The Matrix to work with. I quite enjoyed playing with sounds and syncing them with the visuals on the clip as there was so much to work with. Also, a lot of short films I have produced included similar content (fist fights and lots of guns) so I was kind of familiar ground with this one.


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