Sound Lectures

The sound unit has been a lot more interesting to me than I originally thought it would. Through a few lectures we went over how sound works with film and the general science of sound such as how as humans we react to sound and that sound is a wave emission created through vibrations. We also went through basic terminology such as amplitude (how much a sound vibrates/how loud it is).

One workshop we had, we went through a few different types of microphone. Two we tried out were the contact mic and the phone tap mic. The contact microphone only picks up vibrations from something the mic is touching (e.g if you put it against the table and banged the table then the bang would be picked up). Dialogue and exterior noise could not be recorded with this microphone. The phone tap mic is very interesting and picks up electrical beebs from phones and electrical devices etc. During the workshop we came up with some very interesting sounds. 


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