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Soundtrack Pro

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2012 by trettfilms

Before the soundtrack pro tutorials I had never used the software before. I had used Sony Acid and Audacity which have similarities to SP which helped in learning this software. I have learnt how to add effects to sounds making them fit the visuals more. Using the EQ effect and playing with the Lo Cut and High Cut filters I can make a sound (e.g. dog barking) sound closer or louder, depending how I adjust the settings.

Using the space designer effects I found very useful. Adding presets to the sound to put it in desired environment (and wish I knew this technique for some of my previous work).

Today, we played with some pitch effects which I wanted to keep in mind for when I am using this software on the current projects.

We have recreated sound for a few film clips now. Most recently we were given a clip of The Matrix to work with. I quite enjoyed playing with sounds and syncing them with the visuals on the clip as there was so much to work with. Also, a lot of short films I have produced included similar content (fist fights and lots of guns) so I was kind of familiar ground with this one.


Sound Lectures

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2012 by trettfilms

The sound unit has been a lot more interesting to me than I originally thought it would. Through a few lectures we went over how sound works with film and the general science of sound such as how as humans we react to sound and that sound is a wave emission created through vibrations. We also went through basic terminology such as amplitude (how much a sound vibrates/how loud it is).

One workshop we had, we went through a few different types of microphone. Two we tried out were the contact mic and the phone tap mic. The contact microphone only picks up vibrations from something the mic is touching (e.g if you put it against the table and banged the table then the bang would be picked up). Dialogue and exterior noise could not be recorded with this microphone. The phone tap mic is very interesting and picks up electrical beebs from phones and electrical devices etc. During the workshop we came up with some very interesting sounds.