The Post-Production Stage

The editing stage felt like it went on for ages. We rented out the sound room for much of the editing so that we could all here it at once (as opposed to using headphones) and watch the footage on the dual screen set up. We originally planned to sync up the sound using a final cut plug in called plural eyes but this proved to not work as well as we hoped so we had to sync up the sound once we edited the whole thing; this proved to not be the best idea. Learn from your mistakes! We did use the Rode Videomic but the gain was set wrong on the camera so it was unusable, luckily we shot sound on the zoom mic too.

The footage came out pretty good. The white balance was set wrong on some of the interior stuff but Adam had looked into the best way to fix this when dealing with DSLR footage and it came out looking very sharp and crisp.  With the camera and lens (50mm 1.4)  we used some of the exterior stuff needed barely any colour correction.

From feedback, received we took out the last few shots of the gas man getting into the van  out of the cut. We were told that the shot of the gas man closing the doors to blackness was a strong ending and was ruined by anything following it. We still used the contrapuntal track by Billie Holiday and the ending is very creepy.

We were originally planning to use music throughout the film; just something subtle. However, nothing I looked through seemed to fit the mood of the film and we went with keeping no music until the end, this made the Billie Holiday track all the more powerful.



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