Principal Photography

Our filming days were the 7th and 8th of November and things went better than planned. I was kind of nervous the night before but everything seemed to fall into place.

On the first day Gary and David worked well together, after everyone was introduced Gary and David discussed lines whilst the rest of use set up equipment and planned some last minute details. David arrived in costume,  and came with a lot of his own ideas to add to the film.

We didn’t really have any set roles during production. Elliott and Tom did sound whilst me and Adam swapped doing the cinematography. Catlyn looked over the whole production, checked we were staying true to the script and took care of the talent.  We had storyboards which we loosely followed but improved some shots. We were slightly pushed for time towards the end as Gary had to leave to pick up his kids from school and the battery needed charging. We got it done in the end. We worked together as a team and the cast and we got on well with the actors too. Both of them are a delight to work with and would never complain if I got work with them again.

Day two was slightly more relaxed. We didn’t have as much to shoot and the success of day one had us excited and pumped for day two.

To play the role of the tied up girl I got a friend of mine, Louise Rhoden. I thought she would fit the role since I read Caitlin’s first draft of the script. I showed the rest of the group her head shots and they agreed. Louise had always said she would be willing to help in any projects I am working on and I know she had acted in a few short films, did drama etc. but I was still kind of nervous as I’d never seen her act a character fully but she was very good. We gave her a minute to get in the right state for the role and she threw herself into it. She worked well with David and the footage looks good so far.

Tom did a great job in getting us a van which was difficult to light at first but we sorted it in the end. The ending shot looks like it would fit well with the track we have in mind.

Solid week of editing ahead. Hope it goes well!


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