Auditions and Pre-Production.

It’s been awhile since I posted so I have a lot to update on. Prior shooting we auditioned Gary Diggines and David Frost, they both applied for the role of the gas man on the casting call I put up on However I was keen for David to play the role of the gas man and I think Gary fitted Caitlin’s Norman character more so we asked them to read for separate roles. Here is the audition videos.  Forgive my poor acting skills. (password: gas man) (password: norman)

David has a very interesting career as an actor, with main roles in independent films and some student films and minor roles or extra work is some major motion pictures such as X-Men: First Class.

We are very happy with how they understood the characters and script and cast them pretty soon. There were some time conflicts with the actors meaning we had to shift everything a day forward. I felt like I had some kind of PA job at times; making phone calls and sending emails etc.

We all split roles on who did what with props and costumes. Tom sorted out a lot of the gas man’s costume and props and did well in sorting our use for a van. I spent an hour in Photoshop designing this prop…

you barely see in frame.

We had to pitch our film to the class which wen’t down quite well. We got some great feedback and it was a relief to know that the overall idea was accepted. We had a detailed presentation which even explored areas such as a budget if the film were to be professional funded.


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