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Coming to an end and the title!

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The edit was finished up on Friday, the film was exported from final cut pro in Dan’s Final Cut session. Had a good time working on this film, it was very hard work at times but its all done now. The title we went with was False Reading. However the title does not appear until the end of the film, not too much is given away. Hope everybody likes the film!



The Post-Production Stage

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The editing stage felt like it went on for ages. We rented out the sound room for much of the editing so that we could all here it at once (as opposed to using headphones) and watch the footage on the dual screen set up. We originally planned to sync up the sound using a final cut plug in called plural eyes but this proved to not work as well as we hoped so we had to sync up the sound once we edited the whole thing; this proved to not be the best idea. Learn from your mistakes! We did use the Rode Videomic but the gain was set wrong on the camera so it was unusable, luckily we shot sound on the zoom mic too.

The footage came out pretty good. The white balance was set wrong on some of the interior stuff but Adam had looked into the best way to fix this when dealing with DSLR footage and it came out looking very sharp and crisp.  With the camera and lens (50mm 1.4)  we used some of the exterior stuff needed barely any colour correction.

From feedback, received we took out the last few shots of the gas man getting into the van  out of the cut. We were told that the shot of the gas man closing the doors to blackness was a strong ending and was ruined by anything following it. We still used the contrapuntal track by Billie Holiday and the ending is very creepy.

We were originally planning to use music throughout the film; just something subtle. However, nothing I looked through seemed to fit the mood of the film and we went with keeping no music until the end, this made the Billie Holiday track all the more powerful.


Principal Photography

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Our filming days were the 7th and 8th of November and things went better than planned. I was kind of nervous the night before but everything seemed to fall into place.

On the first day Gary and David worked well together, after everyone was introduced Gary and David discussed lines whilst the rest of use set up equipment and planned some last minute details. David arrived in costume,  and came with a lot of his own ideas to add to the film.

We didn’t really have any set roles during production. Elliott and Tom did sound whilst me and Adam swapped doing the cinematography. Catlyn looked over the whole production, checked we were staying true to the script and took care of the talent.  We had storyboards which we loosely followed but improved some shots. We were slightly pushed for time towards the end as Gary had to leave to pick up his kids from school and the battery needed charging. We got it done in the end. We worked together as a team and the cast and we got on well with the actors too. Both of them are a delight to work with and would never complain if I got work with them again.

Day two was slightly more relaxed. We didn’t have as much to shoot and the success of day one had us excited and pumped for day two.

To play the role of the tied up girl I got a friend of mine, Louise Rhoden. I thought she would fit the role since I read Caitlin’s first draft of the script. I showed the rest of the group her head shots and they agreed. Louise had always said she would be willing to help in any projects I am working on and I know she had acted in a few short films, did drama etc. but I was still kind of nervous as I’d never seen her act a character fully but she was very good. We gave her a minute to get in the right state for the role and she threw herself into it. She worked well with David and the footage looks good so far.

Tom did a great job in getting us a van which was difficult to light at first but we sorted it in the end. The ending shot looks like it would fit well with the track we have in mind.

Solid week of editing ahead. Hope it goes well!

Title hell.

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We’re having trouble coming up a title. We’ve had a about half a dozen titles including THE GAS MAN, WHITE VAN MAN, FAULT, GAS, FALSE READING none that we all like/others agree on.

I recently got an email from David Frost which read…

“I’ve been thinking about a title for your film, how about “Main Switch”.  Whilst ostensibly this relates to the problem with the boiler it is also a pun as the abduction, which is really the main subject of the film, swiches from being perpetrated by one person to another.

Regards David”


I like this but it has been said that main switch sounds too electrical as apposed to gas work related.

Auditions and Pre-Production.

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It’s been awhile since I posted so I have a lot to update on. Prior shooting we auditioned Gary Diggines and David Frost, they both applied for the role of the gas man on the casting call I put up on However I was keen for David to play the role of the gas man and I think Gary fitted Caitlin’s Norman character more so we asked them to read for separate roles. Here is the audition videos.  Forgive my poor acting skills. (password: gas man) (password: norman)

David has a very interesting career as an actor, with main roles in independent films and some student films and minor roles or extra work is some major motion pictures such as X-Men: First Class.

We are very happy with how they understood the characters and script and cast them pretty soon. There were some time conflicts with the actors meaning we had to shift everything a day forward. I felt like I had some kind of PA job at times; making phone calls and sending emails etc.

We all split roles on who did what with props and costumes. Tom sorted out a lot of the gas man’s costume and props and did well in sorting our use for a van. I spent an hour in Photoshop designing this prop…

you barely see in frame.

We had to pitch our film to the class which wen’t down quite well. We got some great feedback and it was a relief to know that the overall idea was accepted. We had a detailed presentation which even explored areas such as a budget if the film were to be professional funded.