We’re making a film.

Well, after several team meetings discussing possible plot ideas we finally have a solid narrative for our project.

This is a different experience from previous production work I’ve done. My personal projects have no deadlines. It’s just me and my camera so I do the pre-production that I see necessary. Shoot, edit, put it online to earn poor YouTube revenue!

I never use story boards or shot logs and sometimes I do not even use a script. This is different for some college projects and professional film shoots I’ve been on as there are certain pre-production requirements that go into something like that.

Without giving too much away, we went with Caitlin’s proposed story in the end as it seems to be the most shootable with what resources and constraints we have. I had a couple of ideas. One was something I’ve been wanting to shoot for awhile and the other I had not really thought much past the basic concept. The first would be titled ‘Lucid Dreams’ and would follow a miserable office worker who is looked down by his colleagues and boss. He soon begins to have lucid dreams but they are very vivid and he does things in his dreams he couldn’t do in reality, the trouble starts when the dreams become too vivid and he can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. (I was actually planning on shooting this one summer…then Inception came out…a similiar idea but better).  The other idea I had was basically “Groundhog day but darker”. I didn’t really think where to take this off and both ideas seemed too difficult to fit into the five minute length of the short film. Still, I’m enjoying and feeling passionate about developing Caitlin’s idea.

P.S. The sausage rolls in playhouse are too big!


One Response to “We’re making a film.”

  1. LOL at the last comment! Sounds like your group’s project is coming along nicely – well done guys, looking forward to learning more!

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